Cyndi R.

"When my husband and I became pregnant I knew that I did not want the traditional hospital experience. I signed up for a birth class and immediately loved Elizabeth's style of teaching, coaching and her overall demeanor. Not to mention her own personal birth experiences. I decided night one that I wanted to ask her to be our doula. Her presence in general is calming and I knew I would need that if I was going to get through our labor and delivery as naturally as possible.

My husband and I did decide to give birth in a hospital, but I knew I'd need Elizabeth there to encourage us and guide us through this experience. She was flexible to meet with for our two meetings prior to birth. She helped me plan and essentially execute my birth plan as well. She was readily available via text in the weeks leading up to our due date, this added an extra layer of comfort. When I went into labor she was ready and didn't skip a beat! Having her by our side at home and at the hospital was key! One of the best parts was how her my husband and her worked so well together! I felt lucky to have them both! Elizabeth was fantastic to work with and I'd highly recommend her if you are looking for a calming, confident and empowering doula!"

Alicia S.

"Elizabeth was with me when I had my fourth baby. She helped me remain calm throughout a very emotional pregnancy. My husband was travelling when I went into labor. She met me at the hospital and was an amazing support person to me. She helped empower me to find the strength for the beautiful water birth I hoped for. Once we were settled in at home Elizabeth came by and checked in to be sure we were okay. We were so blessed to have Elizabeth work with us. She is filled with knowledge, techniques, love and compassion."

Kristin B.

"The birth of my second child was everything I had hoped my first birth would be. With my first birth being a c-section, I wanted to do everything in my power to ensure an unmedicated birth with an amazing support team. Originally I had never thought to hire a doula but after the awesome child birth classes we had with Elizabeth, we realized that a doula would be an awesome asset to have at our birth, and Elizabeth would be the perfect match. I could not have asked for a better support member through out my birth process, she helped to keep me both focused and on track with what I wanted for my birth. Also, her comforting words and actions made us feel as if we had a friend or family member with us rather than someone we barely knew which was so reassuring. I could not recommend her enough to anyone, and will be definitely be using Elizabeth in our future labors."

Becca M.

"I cannot say enough about my experience with Elizabeth! She was such an instrumental part of our birth experience from beginning to end. We took her birth class, which was so informative and helped us prepare for what to expect before, during and after our baby arrived and also gave us lots of techniques for labor which helped take away a lot of our fear with my first pregnancy. She was so supportive via phone and text in the weeks leading up to our birth - always available to listen and help, no matter how small the issue.

My little one decided he didn't want to arrive on his own and I needed to be induced. Elizabeth was with us every step of the way as we navigated that experience - 29 long hours of attempting to get our little guy out and making lots of decisions along the way. She helped us feel very confident with each decision we made and was so supportive in relaxation techniques for both my husband and I. Since we were there so long, it was so great for my husband to have a chance to rest and know I still had someone with me. With her support, I never had to use any pain medication during my induction/ labor.

I did ultimately end up with a C-section which was definitely not my initial plan, but Elizabeth got to be there with us for that too and it was beyond helpful. Even though we did not have the birth we expected, we were so lucky to have her there through every curveball thrown at us and can look back at the experience as a positive one. I cannot recommend her enough - she definitely goes the extra mile!" 

Karol Q.

"Having Elizabeth as a doula for our first pregnancy was a great experience. She is a wonderful support person with lots of knowledge and advice. Elizabeth has a very calm, positive demeanor and a great personality. She is easy to get along with and will make you feel comfortable in making decisions that you are faced with along the way. Being pregnant, especially in the last few months, can be an anxiety producing time. Having the support of a doula helped ease some of my fears and was totally worth it!" 

Becca P.

"When I found out that I was expecting our fourth child I knew that I could not go through another c-section. Elizabeth was with me before the birth talking me through my biggest fears and working out how we would move through those issues before and during labor. When labor started she was with me constantly, encouraging and reminding me of what was normal. I could not have delivered my daughter without Elizabeth by my side. My husband is a very supportive and attentive man, but he was thankful to have another person in attendance to help me in ways he could not. All in all the experience was tremendous and I don't think I would have succeeded in a VBA3C if it hadn't been for Elizabeth's calm presence."    

Rachael M.

"I will be the first to admit that I did not want to hire a doula; [but] when my idea of a calm, beautiful labor met the reality of the day, I was so glad we had Elizabeth supporting us. Throughout my 19 hours of labor she was there, putting her needs aside, ensuring that I was comforted and that my husband was supported and educated on ways to help me through each stage. She asked questions and met my needs in each minute, even if my needs continuously changed. She reassured my husband that he was doing all the right things. She was even by my side during my C-section while my husband was fulfilling his wish to be a 1950s husband in the waiting room. Elizabeth provided a great service to us in the weeks before and after delivery, responding to my “am I in labor yet?” texts and then guiding us through the postpartum processes. The greatest joy was later learning that she had photographed bits of our labor day, even taking a few short videos of our son’s first moments. Hiring Elizabeth was not only essential, it was a joy, a relief and a blessing, and I am so grateful for all that she has done."