About Elizabeth...

Elizabeth's passion for supporting women in childbirth began with her own three births, and blossomed into a calling when she attended her first birth, the VBA3C (vaginal birth after three previous cesarean births!) of a family member. Now trained and certified by DONA International and Lamaze International, Elizabeth brings a unique combination of expertise and gentle encouragement to her work with mothers and their partners as a birth doula. Personally, Elizabeth is thankful for the preparation and support that helped her feel positive about her childbirth experiences, and she hopes to give the same to each of her clients. While her own birth experiences have given Elizabeth a tremendous confidence in the design of natural labor and birth, she is thankful for medical interventions that are sometimes needed. She joins your birth team with a voice of peace and encouragement, sensitive to your needs and providing just the degree of support you find desirable in the moment. 

Expect more from your birth!

In addition to her birth doula certification, Elizabeth holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. She completed her dissertation on the role of expectations and confidence in relationship outcomes. This gives Elizabeth particular insight into the literature on childbirth which suggests the mother’s sense of confidence, expectations, and support plays a vital role in positive birth outcomes. With this extensive training and knowledge behind her birth doula practice, Elizabeth brings you a unique emphasis on building your confidence, developing robust relaxation techniques, and processing fears or past experiences that may impact your labor. Mothers who experience any anxiety in anticipation of childbirth, have had a traumatic birthing experience in the past, or feel they may be at risk for developing postpartum depression or anxiety might find Elizabeth's prenatal and/or postpartum visits particularly helpful. Even mothers who feel confident about labor can benefit from Elizabeth's experience teaching relaxation methods and breathing techniques, and maximizing relationship strengths to help get through challenging situations.  Elizabeth is dedicated to helping you feel emotionally prepared for both labor and parenthood.