GraceDoula NJ is experiencing big changes, and big growth! Elizabeth is phasing out of doula services, and opening a therapy practice in Washington, NJ!

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Introducing Grace Behavioral Health!

Grace Behavioral Health LLC offers highly skilled therapy for your postpartum and general mental health needs. Please visit to learn about our team of clinicians, and the types of therapy available!

Contact Elizabeth for referrals to excellent doula services, or to inquire about mental health services for postpartum, couples, or general mental health issues.

Expert birth doula services for the most important day of your life...

Elizabeth believes in your innate ability to birth your baby, and knows firsthand that when you give birth, you are forever changed, forever a mother.  She offers gentle, confident birth doula support and prenatal education, dedicated to helping you feel prepared and empowered throughout your birth experience. She provides comfort tools, guides partners into their role as birth coaches, and enhances communication with your provider. 

Elizabeth's certifications with DONA International and Lamaze International mean that you can be confident in receiving evidence-based information and support. She supports all-natural moms, epidural mamas, and everyone in between! She attends births in any setting, regardless of birth choices and birth outcome. 

Whether this is your first baby, or you are hoping for a more supported birth this time, you and your partner will appreciate Elizabeth's peaceful, encouraging presence as you navigate the physical and emotional challenges of childbirth together.


Why hire a doula?

A doula is like a personal trainer for childbirth. Research shows that having a doula with you during labor makes you 28% less likely to have cesarean surgery, 31% less likely to use synthetic oxytocin (Pitocin) to speed up labor, and 9% less likely to use any pain medication. Having a doula increases the chances of having the birth you desire, and of remembering your birth positively.

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What about my partner?

Partners and doulas make the best birth teams! Your partner is an expert in knowing and loving you, and has a history and closeness with you that cannot be replaced by your doula. Elizabeth joins you both with expertise in encouraging labor, decreasing fear and discomfort, and giving you both suggestions to move through childbirth together. Many dads find that they settle into "the zone" as incredible labor coaches with just a little initial support from their doula!